Winexpert’s Ultra Premium wine kits are made with the finest quality varietal juice from around the world to produce wines that will satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning wine enthusiasts. We carry a large selection of Winexpert’s red, white and blush wines as well as ports, sherry and ice wine.

We invite you to browse the newly chosen Limited Editions for 2018. Enjoy!

Name Varietal
Blanc de Noir - France

Blanc de Noirs is a French term that translates to a white wine made from dark grapes.

Blanc De Noir
Cabernet Franc Cabernet Franc is a grape with so much to offer, yet most of the winemaking world blends it with other varieties to make a ‘Bordeaux’ style blend. Cabernet Franc
Grenache Cabernet with Grape Skins Cabernet Sauvignon, the undisputed “king” of grapes Grenache
Milagro Blending grapes together is an art, with of course a bit of science, and the grapes here are perfectly suited. Milagro
Vermentino Although rare in North America, in Italy the Vermentino grape is a white star. Vermentino